Attila Demény
full member of the HAS
  • +36 1 319 3137
  • +36 1 319 3137
  • demeny.attila at
  • 305-306. szoba
Place and date of birth
    Budapest, 1962.
  • full member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2016)
  • corresponding member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (2010)
  • doctor of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (D.Sc., MTA 2001)
  • "candidate of geosciences" (PhD, MTA TMB 1994)
  • university doctor (ELTE TTK, 1992)
  • diploma in geology (ELTE TTK, 1986)
Language knowledge
  • English, C2
Main fields of research
  • Geochemical studies on Hungarian and Alpine high-pressure metamorphic rocks (Penninic rocks, leucophyllites, whiteschists).
  • C,O,H and N isotope geochemistry of fluids of mantle-derived igneous rocks with special attention to fluid movements related to carbonatitic magmatism (magmatic rocks of Hungary, carbonatites from India, Canary Islands, the Kola peninsula and Canada).
  • Stable isotope geochemistry of major extinction events (Permian-Triassic, Triassic-Jurassic).
  • Paleoclimate research on terrestrial deposits, coordination of the Geochemistry and Paleoclimate Research Group in the institute.
Study trips
  • Austria, 1987, 1 month, Soros Foundation.
  • Utrecht, The Netherlands, 1988-1989, 5 months, Hungarian Scholarship Council.
  • Trieste, Italy, 1993, 2 months, CNR.
  • Lausanne, Switzerland, 1995, 4 months, Fonds National Suisse de la Recherche Scientifique.
  • Tübingen, Germany, 1996, 2 months, DAAD.
  • University of Rome, Italy. Invited as visiting professor for 1 month in 2001.
  • University of Lausanne, 3 months, Fondation Herbette.
Membership of scientific and professional organizations
  • 1994-96 International Isotope Society, chairman
  • 1996- Member of the Committee for Mineralogy-Petrography-Geochemistry of the Hungaran Academy of Sciences. 2002-2008: Secretary. 2008-: chairman.
  • 2000-2008 International Association for Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry Councillor/Executive Member; 2002-2008: Secretary.
  • 2006- secretary of the Hungarian National Committee of the International Union of Geological Sciences.
  • 2004-2008 member of the Earth Sciences 1 jury of the Hungarian national Research Fund, chairman from 2005 to 2008.
  • 2005-2010 editorial board member of Acta Geologica Hungarica.
  • 2008-2014 member of the Habilitation Committee of the Eötvös Loránd University
  • 2009- Earth System Science Data, editorial board member.
  • 2010- Editor-in-Chief of Central European Geology.
Conference organization
  • 1996. Isotope Workshop III, Budapest
  • 1997. 1st Isotope Geochemistry Meeting, Budapest (Hungarian)
  • 1997. The role of geo- and environmental sciences in the preservation of our historical heritage, meeting, Budapest (Hungarian)
  • 2000, 2002: Hungarian Meeting of Isotope Geochemistry.
  • 2007-. PAGES (Past Global Changes) 2007, 2009, 2012, 2014 conferences for the Hungarian participants.
  • 2008: International Geological Congress, session convener.
  • European Geosciences Union, session convener (2006, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012)
  • JESIUM 2012, session convener
  • Szádeczky Kardoss Elemér Foundation, 1st and 2nd Awards.
  • 1993. Youth Award, Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
  • 2003. Publication Award of the Hungarian Meteorological Survey.
  • 2007. Academy Award.
  • 2009. Certificate of Recognition. International Association of GeoChemistry.
  • Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest: special course ("Principles and applications in stable isotope geochemistry"), consulent of diploma and PhD works (3).
Selected publications of the last 5 years
  • Czuppon, Gy., Demény, A., Leél-Őssy, Sz., Stieber, J., Óvári, M., Dobosy, P., Berentés, Á. Kovács R. (2022) Monitoring and Geochemical Investigations of Caves in Hungary: Implications for Climatological, Hydrological, and Speleothem Formation Processes. In: Veress, M. and Leél-Őssy, Sz. (eds), Cave and Karst Systems of Hungary. Springer Nature Switzerland AG, pp. 465-486.
  • Gugora, A., Demény, A., Fóthi, E., Horváth, A., Palcsu, L., Karlik, M. (2022): Detection of diagenetic alteration in bones and teeth for migration and dietary studies — a combined FTIR and C-N–O-Sr isotope study on tenth century CE cemeteries in northern and northeastern Hungary. Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences, 14,58.
  • Demény, A., Rinyu, L., Németh, A., Czuppon, Gy., Enyedi, N., Makk, J., Leél-Őssy, Sz., Kesjár, D., Kovács, I. (2021) Bacterial and abiogenic carbonates formed in caves – no vital effect on clumped isotope compositions. PloS ONE 16(1): e0245621.
  • Demény, A., Kern, Z., Hatvani, I.G., Torma, Cs., Topál, D., Frisia, S., Leél-Őssy, Sz., Czuppon, Gy., Surányi, G. (2021): Holocene hydrological changes in Europe and the role of the North Atlantic ocean circulation from a speleothem perspective. Quaternary International 571, 1-10.
  • Demény, A., Rinyu, L., Kern, Z., Hatvani, I.G., Czuppon, Gy., Surányi, G., Leél-Őssy, Sz., Shen., Ch.-Ch., Koltai, G. (2021): Paleotemperature reconstructions using speleothem fluid inclusion analyses from Hungary. Chemical Geology 563, 120051.
  • Demény, A., Kern, Z., Németh, A., Frisia, S., Hatvani, I.G., Czuppon, Gy., Leél-Ossy, Sz., Molnár, M., Óvári, M., Surányi, G., Gilli, A., Wu, Ch.-Ch., Shen., Ch.-Ch. (2019) North Atlantic influences on climate conditions in East-Central Europe in the late Holocene reflected by flowstone compositions. Quaternary International 512, 99–112.
  • Németh, P., Mugnaioli, E., Gemmi, M., Czuppon, Gy., Demény, A., Spötl, C. (2018) A nanocrystalline monoclinic CaCO3 precursor of metastable aragonite. Science Advances 4, 12, eaau6178.
  • Hatvani IG, Kern Z, Leel-Ossy S, Demeny A (2018) Speleothem stable isotope records for east-central Europe: resampling sedimentary proxy records to obtain evenly spaced time series with spectral guidance. Earth System Science Data 10, 139-149.
  • Újvári G, Stevens T, Molnár M, Demény A, Fabrice L, Varga G, Jull AJT, Páll-Gergely B, Buylaert JP, Kovács J (2017) Coupled European and Greenland last glacial dust activity driven by North Atlantic climate. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 114, 10632-10638.
  • Demény A, Kern Z, Czuppon Gy, Németh A, Leél-Össy Sz, Siklósy Z, Lin K, Hsun-Ming H, Shen Ch-Ch, Vennemann T W, Haszpra L (2017) Stable isotope compositions of speleothems from the last interglacial e Spatial patterns of climate fluctuations in Europe. Quaternary Science Reviews 161: pp. 68-80.
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