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Junior research fellow

phone: +361 309-2600 / ext1159

e-mail: kovacs.ivett(at)

room: 219



Area of research:


genetics of hydrothermal clay minerals, zonation of clay minerals in a hydrothermal ore formation


Short scientific CV:



Place and date of birth: Kaposvár, 16.03.1990


  • 2008–2014: Geologist, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

  • 2014–: Ph.D, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest

  • 2015: Qualification of radiation protection


  • 2014–: Junior research fellow, Institute for Geological and Geochemical Research, Research Centre for Astronomy and Earth Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Awards and research projects:

  • 2013. Békéscsaba, Meeting of Young Geoscientists (ISZA), theoretical category, I. prize

  • 2012–2016: OTKA K100181, Effects of weatland mosaics on spatial pattern and temporal dynamics of iron budget, fellow researcher

Professional affiliations:

  • 2015 – : member of Hungarian Geological Society, Section of Clay Mineral

  • 2015 – : member of Hungarian Geological Society, Section of Raw Material


Selected publications:

Németh, T., Máthé, Z., Pekler, P., Dódony I., Kovács-Kis, V., Sipos, P., Cora, I., Kovács I., (2016): Clay mineralogy of the Boda Claystone Formation (Mecsek Mts., SW Hungary) - Open Geosci. 8:259-274

Kovács, I., Németh, T., Benkó, Zs., B. Kiss G. (2016): Argillic alteration of Permian granite intrusion (Velence Mts., Hungary) by Triassic and Paleogene hydrothermal fluids Mid-European Clay Conference, Kosice, Abstract Book

Szabó, J. A., Jakab, G., Józsa, S., Németh, T., Kovács, I., Szalai, Z. (2016): Raindrop induced crust formation - Geophysical Research Abstracts 18. p 12315.

Kovács, I., Benkó, Zs., Németh, T, B. Kiss G. (2015): Argillic alteration of igneous rock in hydrothermal environments (Velence Mts., Western Hungary) Acte Mineralogica-Tetrigraphica, Abstract series, vol. 9, 33 p.

Kovács, I., B. Kiss G., Zaccarini F.(2014): Rere earth element enrichment in the Cserkút uranium deposit (Mecsek Mts., S-Hungary) Acte Mineralogica-Tetrigraphica, Abstract series, vol. 8, 64 p.



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