Electron microprobe laboratory

Our electron microprobe laboratory is working since 1969. At present we use a JEOL JCXA-733 instrument (installed in 1980), equipped with 3 wavelength dispersive spectrometers and an Oxford Instruments INCA Energy 200 energy dispersive spectrometer (installed in 2002). Since then the original controlling computer has been changed by a PC, and a digital imaging system has been installed. At present, we can analyse virtually all elements from F to U quantitatively.

The instrument is mainly used for petrological investigations and mineral analyses. Most of the rock forming and numerous kinds of the accessory minerals are analysed routinely. In addition, we have experiences in analysis of ceramics and (artificial) glass objects. There are two researchers running the laboratory, dr. Gábor Dobosi (chemist and geologist) and  dr. Géza Nagy (physicist).

Analysis of rare earth minerals is a speciality of our laboratory. Recently we are ready to perform Th-U-Pb age determination on monazite.


Institute for Geochemical Research